Falher waste-collection fees rise sharply

To help overcome a major deficit and increased operation costs for the Falher landfill, fees for waste collection are set to increase.
At its regular meeting May 6, Town of Falher council gave first reading to a bylaw to increase collection and tipping fees.
Council gave all three readings to bylaws to restructure the fees for water and sewer, which were quite minimal.
“The biggest change is in the waste-collection fees,” said Town Administrator Gerard Nicolet. “Added costs of landfill operation including on-site supervision – required by new provincial legislation – necessitated the steep increase in user fees.”
“If it wasn’t for this, our overall utility rates would have gone down,” he added.
Bi-monthly fees for landfill disposal will rise to $10 from $3.
For commercial units with dumpsters, the fees will rise to $20 per two cubic yards.
Nicolet noted that these rates are for disposal of waste at the landfill, and do not include collection fees by the contractor.
Commercial units without dumpsters will be charged a tipping fee at the landfill.
These increased fees for waste collection make the user more responsible for the amount of use of the service, said Nicolet.
Council gave just first reading to the waste collection fees to give residents opportunity to comment on the proposed increases and changes in waste collection.
Final readings for this bylaw are expected at the next council meeting May 22, for the bimonthly rates to become effective for the July 15 billing, said Nicolet.
These increases are also set out to lower the deficit for the service, which is projected at $30,000 for 2002, lower than last year of $39,300.
While bi-monthly residential collection rates fall to $6 from $8, residents are advised about new policies for collection.
Under the proposed bylaw, residents will be:
Limited to a maximum of six garbage bags per dwelling per week;
Restricted to store the garbage receptacle/bag/can in the front yard only on collection days;
Required to use only plastic garbage bags no larger than 24-by-36 inches designed for domestic refuse.
Anyone hauling garbage in the town of Falher will be required to securely cover the materials to prevent it from falling off onto the streets.
Under the proposed bylaw, residential fees include:
Collection Fees – $3 per unit per month.
Disposal Fees – $5 per unit per month.
For commercial, industrial, and multi-residential units with dumpsters, monthly rates will rise to $20 per two cubic yards.
(Tipping fees for the Falher landfill are noted in the advertisement on page 5.)
Fees changed for water and sewer
Effective May 15, other utilities are changing to reflect a more equal rate for all users, with minimal increases if any.
Based on water consumption of 15 cubic meters, overall bi-monthly residential user fees will rise to $78.50 from $77.80.
More specifically, proposed rates for each utility are: water – $48.90 (from $47.20), sewers – $10 ($16), waste collection – $6 ($8), landfill operation – $10 $3), while recycling fees remain at $3.60.
A schedule of the new rates with an explanation is being distributed in utility bills this month.